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Trademark Registration

For most businesses, it would be devastating if any one of these happened:

  • You lose money because your customers are buying from a similar-looking brand they think is you

  • A competitor copies your brand

  • You're forced to rebrand due to the threats and demands of another competitor

Trademarks give businesses the exclusive rights to their brand and can be compensated for any loss due to the unauthorized use of your brand.   At HGM Law, we can help you through the trademark registration process and advise you properly before and after applying.



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Trademark Registration Services

$499-Simple registration filing

​(USPTO Search + Trademark opinion letter + application filing) Plus government fee($275)

$799- Full search registration (USPTO + Common Law + Trademark opinion letter + application filing + non-substantive office action responses) Plus government fee($275)



$1099-Full Service Trademark filing (USPTO + Common Law  Search + Trademark opinion letter + application filing + office actions responses + monitor application until registration) Plus government fee($275)

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